Order Sponsors Europe Wide Program in Special Education

Aug 24, 2019 | News

The Order’s Hospitality Europe Office in Brussels has been promoting the LET IT BE project which is financed by the European Union. Recently, on 1-3 April, it held a second cross-border meeting of the partners taking part in the project at the headquarters of the “Bonifraterska Fundacja Dobroczynna” of the Polish Province in Kraków.

The meeting was attended by some 20 co-workers of the Order and the Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from seven European countries (Spain, Austria, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Ireland and Belgium).

Through the LET IT BE project the consortium, led by the Juan Ciudad Foundation in Madrid, is creating digital teaching programs to assist people with disabilities to learn using the new technologies. In Kraków, the participants are working on the operation of a computer program that the partners can use to create serious games (digital educational games) to enhance the ability of people with intellectual disabilities to resolve problem situations. The focus of attention is the desire to create an effective and enjoyable experience for the users, using virtual simulations of the real world (at school, at work and in social situations). The project was originally promoted by the Brussels Hospitality Europe Office, and will be financed with over €275,000 in 2019 and 2020.