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The values that guide us are Compassion, Humility, Justice and the example of our Founder St John of God.
“… any ill that befalls you makes me suffer too, just as any good thing makes me joyful.”

St John of God

Statement on the New Zealand Royal Commission of Inquiry’s case study report

2 August 2023

The Brothers of St John of God acknowledge the publication of the NZ Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care’s Order of St John of God case study report.

As part of the Inquiry’s case study, the Brothers’ Oceania Provincial Br Timothy Graham appeared by video link to give evidence in the hearing into the abuse experienced at Marylands school and the Hebron Trust. Br Timothy re-iterates what he shared at the Hearing:

“On behalf of all the Brothers, I acknowledge the courage of victims of abuse and all those whom they represent who have been harmed in any way by the Brothers of Saint John of God.

I and the Brothers have heard your pain and your anger.

The services the Brothers ran at Marylands and Hebron should have been places of nurture and safety for vulnerable young people. The fact that they were places of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse is horrific and indefensible.

I offer an unreserved apology to all those harmed by a Brother of St John of God. I extend this apology to all your families, to the people who served at Marylands and Hebron, and the community of Christchurch and Aotearoa New Zealand. I also apologise for the times when our response to those who have been abused was not what it should have been.”

The Order no longer run services like those investigated in the case study report and have no works in New Zealand. However, the Brothers state that they are committed to participating in redress processes for victims of abuse.

The Brothers also commit to participating in the process to develop an independent redress system as recommended by the Inquiry in its earlier Report. The Order recognises that some survivors find any process that involves the people who were responsible for the people that caused you harm extremely difficult. However, we also assure all survivors that anyone who shares a suspicion, concern, knowledge or report of abuse to the Brothers of St John of God or through an advocate will be responded to sensitively, respectfully, actively and in a timely manner.

The Order continues to participate in the Inquiry acknowledging the extent and horrific nature of material presented to it about our people, our institutions, and our processes. The Brothers await the Inquiry’s Final Report and recommendations from the Commissioners and commit once again to working with those survivors who engage with us to ensure redress is available for the harm you suffered.


Media Contacts:
New Zealand enquiries: Mr David McLoughlin – or +64 21 611 052
Australian enquires: Mr Simon Feely – or +61 408 495 994


The Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God are committed to fostering a culture of safety and care for children and vulnerable adults. Read more…

We have adopted the Australian National Catholic Professional Standards for Safeguarding children and vulnerable people. The standards and further information on the work of Catholic Professional Standards Ltd can be found on their website at or by calling 1300 603 411.

Our commitment extends to cooperating fully with authorities in the investigation of abuse, no matter where or when it may have occurred.

We strongly urge any person who has experienced abuse to contact their local police and report it so that it can be appropriately investigated.

If anyone wishes to bring a complaint of abuse against any Brother or member of staff of a school or other ministry operated by the Brothers, they may do so in either of the following ways:

1. If the complaint relates to abuse of a child or young person, contact the police or relevant authority in your state. For urgent matters where a child is at risk of harm, contact the Police emergency number – 000 (all states).

2. Contact the St John Brothers’ Professional Standards Office via email at


The National Redress Scheme is an independent process that provides survivors of institutional child sexual abuse with access to a direct personal response from participating institutions. This includes an apology, as well as counselling and monetary payments.

The Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God are a participating institution in the Scheme. This means any person who has experienced abuse in any of our facilities and associated institutions can have their claim assessed through the Scheme.

Under the rules of the Scheme, applications must be made directly to the National Redress Scheme itself. The St John of God Brothers are unable to accept any application. Information about the National Redress Scheme, how to make an application, and how to access free support services can be found on their website, or by calling 1800 737 177.

Professional Standards Office

The Professional Standards Office of the Brothers of Saint John of God is located in Sydney and can be contacted by email at

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